Background: Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of thyroid nodules is a non-mainstream treatment option for benign thyroid nodules. Studies in Asia and Europe (1) have demonstrated RFA to be an effective outpatient alternative to surgery, however, these results have not been reproduced in North America.

Hypothesis: RFA of symptomatic benign thyroid nodules can reduce morbidity associated with thyroidectomies, without sacrificing favorable clinical outcomes.

Methodology: A retrospective review of 11 patients (all female and Caucasian) with 13 thyroid nodules treated with RFA in our practice was conducted (Nov 2018 – Oct 2019). The 9 nontoxic nodules were biopsied twice, and 4 toxic adenomas were biopsied once; all had benign cytopathology results prior to RFA. RFA was done under local anesthesia/conscious sedation, with follow-up telephone call after 2 days to assess complications (pain, voice change, hematoma/swelling, skin burns).

To read the complete journal, visit here Journal of the Endocrine Society, Volume 4