The RFA experience is life changing. Our patient’s feedback and their satisfaction helps us realize the effectiveness of the RFA procedure.

The procedure helped these patients avoid thyroid surgery and long recovery times along with helping them avoid abnormal thyroid function that occurs after conventional surgery.

No complications were encountered and the patients were able to go home immediately after the procedure and resume their daily activities.

Dr. Ahmad and Dr. Aljammal have the combined experience of over 20 years with over 12 thousand biopsies, and over 100 ethanol ablations done. Both physicians are ECNU certified a professional certification given to Endocrinologists who show expertise and excellence in thyroid imaging and procedures.

Dr. Jung Hwan Baek, the pioneer of the RFA has reviewed our initial results, and is pleased with the outcome of our completed procedures. He has been performing this procedure with success in South Korea since 2001.

The RFA device that Dr. Baek uses has FDA 510(K) clearance, for soft tissue ablation.

Previously the only options to receive RFA procedure was to travel to Europe or South Korea. Our team is able to perform this very treatment in the U.S. in a safe, effective manner, making international travel for RFA treatment no longer necessary.