Congratulations to Dr. Ahmad & Dr. Aljammal successfully completing 500 cases of Radiofrequency Ablation, making them the most experienced interventional thyroid specialists in the country.

Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Virtual Conference

Thyroid cancer survivors USA Dr. Shahzad Ahmad invited to speak on his newest publication showing the efficacy of our patient RFA to successfully and safely treat thyroid cancer recurrences in the USA

Our Research

“Drs Ahmad/ Aljammal are the lead authors on this groundbreaking first of its kind publication, our center has the most expertise and is one of the few centers that can treat thyroid cancer recurrences/ metastasis without surgery using out-patient RFA this study showed up to a 90% success rate with no side effects noted”
“Dr Ahmad and Dr Aljammal have published first of its kind treatment option by treating thyroid cancer recurrence without surgery using our patient minimally invasive RFA technique ” they have the most expertise in the country for treating patients with RFA techniques”
“Dr Ahmad & Aljammal published a first of its kind treatment of parathyroid tumor without surgery using ground breaking RFA technology”

Our Achievement

Dr Jules Aljammal MD, ECNU president of NASOIE

Dr. Aljammal Speaking at TNT international meeting at Italy 2023 toxic nodule treatment with RFA

Dr Shahzad Ahmad MD FACE ECNU

Was a speaker sharing his research on RFA treatment of thyroid cancer recurrences at the annual North American Society of Interventional Thyroidology (NASIT) meeting in Sarasota Florida

Dr Ahmad & Dr Aljammal presented at the annual AACE meeting

New research By Dr Ahmad / Aljammal to be presented at the annual AACE meeting , showing efficacy of non surgical out patient RFA for thyroid nodules

Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation

Our doctors are here to service your RFA procedures.
Your ultimate satisfaction is our goal.

Dr. Jules Aljammal

President of North American Society
of Interventional Endocrinologists.

Dr. Aljammal
Thyroid Clinic Information

Dr. Shahzad Ahmad

Founding member and treasurer of the North American Society of Interventional Endocrinologists.

Dr. Ahmad
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Why Choose Us?

Our team has Pioneered the use of Radio Frequency ablation treatment in thyroid and parathyroid disorders in the United States of America.
We currently perform the highest number of cases every year with the highest rate of success and the lowest rate of complication.
We continue to work constantly on improving our techniques, outcomes and patient experience.
And we are involved in increasing awareness of the benefit of Radio Frequency ablation between endocrinologist and patients as we recently founded the North American Society of Interventional Endocrinologists.

The Thyroid Clinic were Pioneers at bringing RFA technology to the USA, here is a behind the scenes look at what makes Dr Aljammal & Dr Ahmad your go to place to get this surgery sparing thyroid procedure

This thyroid RFA documentary sums up what we are about at Thyroid Clinic Utah:
Over 300 patients were treated for benign/toxic thyroid nodules, papillary thyroid cancer, and even parathyroids! Watch this video to get a glimpse behind the scenes of what we do and how we work.

Thank you to our patients for your confidence and support since we adopted thyroid RFA in late 2018. We will always continue to do what is best for patients to give them the best quality of life possible through medicine.

New cutting edge research by Dr. Ahmad & Dr. Aljammal showing a new method to treat thyroid cancer metastasis without surgery using out patient RFA technology

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Using RFA to Shrink Metastatic Lymph Nodes with
Dr. Shahzad Ahmed & Dr. Jules Aljammal




A possible role for Radiofrequency Ablation

Dr Shahzad Ahmad MD speaking at the NASOIE annual meeting about RFA for Thyroid Nodules


Dr Shahzad Ahmad MD speaking at the NASOIE annual meeting about RFA for Thyroid Nodules