Dr. Shahzad Ahmad

“Dr. Shahzad Ahmad is a Founding member of the North American Society of Interventional Endocrinology ( NASOIE) and current Treasurer , he has performed the most number of RFA procedures as an endocrinologist in the US.

He also performed the first successful North American RFA procedures on a Parathyroid tumor and the first North American RFA of a medullary thyroid cancer recurrence.

Dr. Ahmad completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in Englewood, New Jersey and then went on to an Endocrinology fellowship at Harbour-UCLA. His special focus is the diagnosis, and medical treatment of thyroid dysfunction, nodules, and cancer. He was also an Assistant Professor at the University of San Francisco School of Medicine.

Dr. Ahmad Is ECNU certified, a professional certification awarded to Endocrinologists who have expertise in thyroid ultrasounds, and procedures. Dr. Ahmad also has performed the first radiofrequency ablation (RFA) on a Toxic Thyroid Nodule (hyperfunctioning) in the United States.

He has now successfully ablated over 250 nodules/Goiters without complications”