Dr. Jules Aljammal

President of north american society of interventional endocrinologist

Dr. Aljammal is a dedicated doctor with a passion for providing the highest standard of medical care for his patients. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, one of the top-rated U.S. academic hospitals, where he trained with national leaders in endocrinology. He is board-certified in endocrinology, with expertise in the evaluation and treatment of thyroid diseases. Dr Aljammal is also ECNU certified.

Dr. Aljammal’s focus is on helping patients with thyroid disorders. He has carefully evaluated many non- surgical treatments for benign thyroid nodules, including microwave ablation, high intensity frequency ultrasound, and most recently, radiofrequency ablation (RFA). In March, 2018, Dr Aljammal attended the first Master Course for RFA, and witnessed impressive clinical results. Since that time, he has worked tirelessly to bring this technology to the forefront in the United States. He has performed RFA in the treatment of benign and toxic thyroid nodules, and has also successfully treated the first cases of medullary thyroid cancer and parathyroid adenoma in North America. He is a leading physician on the radiofrequency ablation team at The Thyroid Clinic, and his technique with RFA using hydro-dissection has led to 100% successful outcomes without any complications.

Dr Aljammal is a gifted educator, and is involved in the training of other endocrinology physicians interested in learning about this technology. His accomplishments are a testimony of his dedication to the field, and to his patients.